In 2018, you can help us take out the Dems!

In 2016, President Trump defeated radical liberal Hillary Clinton, thanks to an uprising of patriotic citizens across the heartland of our great nation.

This year… in some of the places President Trump was most dominant, there are socialist Democrats running for re-election, and in many cases, they are trying to hide their votes against the Trump Agenda.

Your donation to Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund right now will help EXPOSE all these liberal liars, who are up for re-election in states like:

  • Indiana, where President Trump took more than 57% of the vote . . .
  • Missouri, which also gave President Trump just over 57% of the vote . . .
  • Montana, which gave the president a 20-point margin over Hillary Clinton . . .
  • North Dakota, where President Trump earned a huge 64.1% of the vote . . .
  • And West Virginia, where Mountain State voters elected President Trump with a whopping 68.7%!

I could keep going, but you get the picture: all over America, Democrats who oppose the Trump Tea Party Agenda are running for re-election in places with strong Pro-Trump majorities.

Tea Party Patriots don’t believe in backing down and “playing defense,” which is why we are coming after ALL these left-wing incumbents and why I hope you will make one special donation in support of our campaign today.

Remember, it’s not enough just to defeat these Democrats, who have spent the past year taking orders from Chuck Schumer to try and undermine the president’s administration . . .

. . . we have to replace these liberals with REAL Republicans who will vote “YES” on legislation to cut taxes and spending, continue getting rid of ObamaCare, undo the Iran deal, secure the border, build the wall, and deliver a debt-free American future to our kids. So please donate to Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund and please be generous.

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund