Airbus-built PAZ radar satellite successfully launched.

Spain’s first radar satellite will start operations in May 2018

Airbus engineers to support LEOP and IOT phases

PAZ will join the Airbus high resolution SAR satellite constellation


Madrid, 22/02/2018 – The Airbus-built PAZ radar satellite has been successfully launched today from Vandenberg Air Force Base, in California, USA. Ten minutes after launch, the satellite separated from the launcher and will soon be positioned at its 514 km orbit.

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BookPick: Four for February

BookPick: Four for February

by BigJules

As a change from my largely sea-oriented selections this BookPick focuses on life ashore – with a witty discourse on the Georgian world of the elegant dining room, and the amazing story of Mrs Biggs, who certainly didn’t conform to the time’s expectations of her sex. As well, there’s a light-hearted compilation of animal tales of the 18th and 19th centuries, and an account of the last governor of Hong Kong, a colony that grew from a barren rock in Kydd’s day to a global powerhouse.


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Equifax integrates Entersekt’s digital security system

Transakt to provide improved protection of consumers accessing a wide range of online and mobile services

London, UK, February 22, 2018Entersekt, a leader in push-based authentication and mobile app security, today announced a technology partnership with global information solutions company Equifax Inc. (NYSE:EFX). Equifax has licensed Entersekt’s product Transakt to serve as an additional layer of security protecting the Equifax online and mobile services.

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Home appliances, TVs and wearables at risk of attack by cyber criminals

It has been reported today that Interpol has warned that any device which is connected to the internet is potentially at risk of attack. According to the news, cyber criminals are more regularly attacking Internet of Things (IoT) devices including webcams, televisions and smart home devices such as Alexa. They could also be targeting wearable like Fitbits and smart watches and even home appliances, like your fridge or washing machine.

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Half of UK organisations say they have been the victim of fraud and/or economic crime

It’s been reported that, according to PwC’s ninth biennial Global Economic Crime & Fraud Survey, half of UK organisations say they have been the victim of fraud and/or economic crime in the last two years. More than half (51%) of the most disruptive crimes resulted in losses over £72,000, compared to 37% globally. Nearly a quarter of UK victims (24%) lost more than £720,000 as a result.


Commenting on this, Robert Capps, vice president of business development at fraud prevention firm, NuData Security Inc., a Mastercard Company, said “The magnitude of these losses can’t help but have a dampening effect on the UK economy and on those businesses who are experiencing losses of over £72,000. It’s also bad news for customers, who often bear the brunt of many direct costs (especially in account takeover and identity theft).

“With 3.2 million fraud incidents last year, fraud is becoming a tempting promise of high reward and low prosecution rates. Emboldened cybercriminals are becoming more technology savvy and are increasingly posing as banks or suppliers and then duping customers into revealing their personal details. These scams have also proved effective in targeting commercial organisations, as senior executives have been tricked into revealing sensitive information which enables access to a company network. The increasing volume of attacks globally has also been attributed to more data available on the black market and more financial institutions and merchants vulnerable to attacks.

“To detect out-of-character and potentially fraudulent transactions before they can create a financial nightmare for consumers – and for companies – we must adopt new authentication methods that hackers can’t deceive. Solutions based on passive biometrics and interactional signals are leading the way to provide more safety for consumers and less fraud in the marketplace. These solutions identify machines from humans, then separate good machines from bad, selects known humans from unknown humans, and finally sorts unknown humans demonstrating low-risk signals from unknown humans demonstrating high-risk signals. This process lets organisations fast-track the known and low-risk users for an optimal experience, saving the friction and traditional authentication methods for the highest risk users. These layers validate the user through information that hackers can’t replicate, securing the good user’s transaction at every step.”

Time Charter coverage for NAT vessels in focus with major oil companies in the West and the East

Nordic American Tankers Ltd (NYSE:NAT)

In the autumn of 2017, we advised you of our time charter activities/contracts with oil companies such as Shell, BP, ExxonMobil and other major oil companies in the West and in the East. The contract with ExxonMobil has expired but we do work for them on a regular basis.

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NNS completes 806 ton superlift of Kennedy module; Borr Drilling set to acquire Paragon Offshore

VIDEO: NNS completes 806 ton superlift of Kennedy module
February 22, 2018 — Huntington Ingalls Industries reports that its Newport News Shipbuilding division has built 70 percent of the structures necessary to complete the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy (CVN 79). Like its predecessor, the first-in-class USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78), Kennedy is being built with a modular construction technique.

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