AI in telecoms and securing the ‘Augmented Human’

Today product design and development firm Cambridge Consultants launches a new report, stating that the telecommunications sector will be vital for securing Artificial Intelligence (AI) infrastructure, and therefore crucial in enabling future digital control systems such as the Augmented Human.


A critical enabler for AI in telecommunications so far has been the huge volume of data that it routinely generates, harvests and stores. Many sectors are still very analogue, but the digital nature of telecommunications means that the scale and scope of data available gives the maximum opportunity for machines to continuously learn and improve – laying the perfect infrastructure for mass AI to take off.

The paper, titled AI: understanding and harnessing the potential lays out the 5 key missing ingredients to the responsible governance of AI:

  • Responsibility: There needs to be a specific person responsible for the effects of an autonomous system’s behaviour. This is not just for legal redress but also for providing feedback, monitoring outcomes and implementing changes
  • Explainability: It needs to be possible to explain to people impacted (often laypeople) why the behaviour is what it is. This is vital for trust
  • Accuracy: Sources of error need to be identified, monitored, evaluated and if appropriate mitigated against or removed
  • Transparency: It needs to be possible to test, review (publicly or privately), criticise and challenge the outcomes produced by an autonomous system. The results of audits and evaluation should be available publicly and explained
  • Fairness: The way in which data is used should be reasonable and respect privacy. This will help remove biases and prevent other problematic behaviour becoming embedded


The report goes live ahead of Mobile World Congress where Cambridge Consultants will be exhibiting in Hall 7, stand 7B21 experience a demo of “Vincent,” a breakthrough in machine learning that is capable of completing a drawing that has been started with a human sketch.