Councils hit by almost 100 million cyber attacks in the last five years

It is being reported that councils have been targeted in nearly 100 million cyber attacks in five years, an investigation has found. This means that local authorities are being hit at a rate of 37 times every minute, according to research by privacy campaign organisation Big Brother Watch.

Commenting on this, Dr Anton Grashion, managing director, security practice at Cylance, said “Rightly or wrongly, cyber criminals must think local authorities are a fairly soft target, especially if they keep being successful. These authorities hold extremely sensitive personal information, and are suffering under a deluge of competing advice and promises of security that serially fail to deliver the levels of security they promise.

Education would be a great place to start, but having predictive prevention to stop the ingress of malicious software and viruses in the first place would seem to be a logical first step. Chasing the problem into the network once a payload has been delivered just adds to the workload and budget of over stressed IT departments.”