Could eco-friendly street lighting lead to a surge in crime rates?

A number of critics are concerned that eco-friendly street lights being fitted in various locations across the UK could lead to an increase in crime rates and may also impact on the safety of residents that walk home from work during the early hours.

Eco-friendly street lights feature a much narrower beam than traditional street lights and are also dimmer, raising concerns for children and residents that may be outside while the lights are in use.


Dalneigh in Scotland is the latest area to have eco-friendly bulbs fitted in street lights and residents have raised fears, with many resorting to leaving their back door lights on in an effort to feel safer at night.


Steven Ellwood, managing director at BLT direct said: “Eco-friendly street lighting offers councils an excellent money-saving opportunity, with LED bulbs benefiting from a much better light output and being 80% more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent lights.


“Lighting is a huge deterrent for crime and also helps to prevent the fear of crime, which can be a debilitating issue in many areas. Councils will need to address resident’s problems regarding safety individually, but the other benefits of eco-friendly street lighting include increased controllability for councils as well as reduced light pollution and a more aesthetically pleasing environment.”


Energy-efficient light bulbs can make a huge difference to the landscape of street lighting, even in the lighter summer months when outside lighting is less of an issue. Thanks to increased controllability, lights can be dimmed on both roads and residential outside areas, resulting in smarter lighting that is provided as and when it is needed.


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