Could The New National Threat Be Unsecured Crypto wallets?

Rarely does a day pass where an average crypto “enthusiast” doesn’t hear the word scam being mentioned. Whether it came from reading an article about a fresh new exit scam or hearing a friend ask for the umpteenth time “is that Bitcoin thing legit”, there is quite a lot of notoriety circling the world of crypto.

Nate Flanders, Co-Founder & CEO of Mandala Exchange, the first platform to comply to SEC and to manufacture a hardware wallet for users to store various cryptocurrencies safely and securely in cold storage.

  • Why fingerprint tech in Hardware Wallets are a MUST
  • Why not securing your crypto wallet could be a national security threat?
  • How can we, as consumers, fight blockchain laundering?
  • Why, at this point, regulating this crypto space is a national responsability?