Over 22,000 exposed, unprotected containers discovered online

Research has found that more than 22,000 container orchestration and API management systems are unprotected or publicly available on the internet – highlighting the reality of the risks of operating workloads in the cloud.



Commenting on the news is Javvad Malik, security advocate at AlienVault, who said:

While the cloud undoubtedly brings many benefits to the enterprise and addresses some security risks. It does open up other security risks as particular threats have increased impact. A compromised cloud credential, or misconfigured database can have massive impact due to the public-facing nature. 

As such, enterprises should ensure they invest in security controls for the cloud. These would include assurance controls to validate that all the cloud settings are working as designed, in addition to monitoring, threat detection, and response controls to be able to detect any attacks or breaches that may occur.