Bid to split California into 3 states gains traction – could it really happen?

Jul 3, 2018

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Bid to split California into 3 states gains traction – could it really happen?

In a midterm season marked by primary upsets and the prospect of Democrats claiming a congressional check on President Trump’s power, another sensational development has been the momentum behind a ballot measure to split up the unwieldy, high-tax state of California.

Peter Strzok’s lawyer Aidan Goelman accuses Republicans of twisting testimony for ‘political games’

FBI agent Peter Strzok’s lawyer on Monday accused Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee of twisting his closed-door testimony for “political games.”

White House Slams Kamala Harris. Harris Fires Back. Shapiro Wrecks Her With One Tweet.

On Monday, the White House tweeted a message to California Senator Kamala Harris, who has called for changes to U.S.

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Trump interviews 4 Supreme Court candidates, as left wages preemptive war over pick

President Trump said Monday he interviewed four potential candidates for Supreme Court, moving swiftly to choose a nominee as Democrats launch preemptive attacks against his eventual pick to succeed Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Donald Trump holds firm to tariff policy, despite mounting opposition

President Trump stood his ground Monday on get-tough trade policies that have spooked Wall Street, rattled America’s closest allies and provoked an anti-tariff campaign by the Chamber of Commerce, the country’s largest pro-business organization.

MILLER: Finding Real Compassion for Immigrants

Compassion literally means to suffer with, to suffer together, to share in the suffering. If you want to understand real compassion for refugees, look to Israel.

Judge rules DHS must consider detained asylum-seekers’ parole on case-by-case basis

A federal judge in Washington, D.C. ruled Monday that the federal government must consider on a case-by-case basis whether asylum-seekers who have been detained represent a flight risk or credible danger to the public.