HE the Ambassador Hosts Celebratory Dinner in Honour of Sir Geoffrey Tantum

2nd July 2018: His Excellency Sheikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa was delighted to host a dinner celebrating the knighthood that has been awarded by Her Majesty The Queen to Geoffrey Tantum.



Geoffrey is a true servant of the United Kingdom whose friendship with the Kingdom of Bahrain stretches back over two decades.  Over that time his deep knowledge of the Middle East has proved invaluable to strengthening ties between the UK and Bahrain.

He began his distinguished career in the military, including a period of active service with the Special Boat Service. He subsequently spent decades supporting the United Kingdom’s diplomatic efforts abroad, most notably in the Middle East.

Through good times and bad – and when certain regional actors are working to undermine our common values and interests – Geoffrey’s support of Bahrain has been loyal and unwavering.

As His Excellency Sheikh Fawaz said in his tribute: “At a time when the issues are as complex and far-reaching as ever, we are all fortunate to have someone as able, determined and eloquent as Geoffrey to promote our countries’ shared goals.”

For his part Sir Geoffrey recognized the efforts and role played by His Excellency the Ambassador and the Bahrain Embassy in further strengthening the relationship between Bahrain and the United Kingdom, highlighting the noticeable deepening of the friendship between the two countries during HE’s tenure as ambassador.

Following the dinner, Geoffrey said: “I am most grateful to His Excellency Sheikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa for so generously giving me such a splendid celebratory dinner last night. It has been an honour and a privilege to be an adviser to his Majesty the King for over 20 years, during which time I have developed a deep affection and admiration for the Kingdom and its people.”

The celebratory dinner was attended by The celebratory dinner for Sir Geoffrey Tantum was attended by the Minister of State for Europe & Americans Sir Alan Duncan, former Chief of the Defence Lord Richards Staff, Lord Astor of Heaver, and members of Sir Tantum’s family.