Rotorcraft Asia-Pacific e-news – Jun 2018 Report

Rotorcraft Asia-Pacific e-news June Report

Australian General Aviation Alliance Summit – big gathering!

CASR Part 61 deadline 31 Aug ’18. Only eight weeks away.

Quick find key topics.


Page 1. AGAA makes history at Wagga. Change the Civil Aviation Act requested.

Page 2. General Aviation Summit – 34 aviation associations and 75 attendees.

Page 3. The puzzle? Counting 798 CASA AOC very few Part 142 approvals. Why?

Page 4. Editor’s Welcome. What will happen of the first day of Spring. Part 61?

Page 4. Leader of International Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association visits AGAA to help.

Page 5. AAUS is Evolving. Launches new branding due RPAS explosion.

Page 6. Aviation Trader can help with your advertising – just call.

Page 7. World of Drones Congress. 9-10 Aug ’18. Brisbane. Updates.

Page 8. Pilot and Mechanic Shortage Looms – now worsening global problem.

Page 9. ERA settles AUD$56 million lawsuit – Airbus Helicopters – H225 losses.

Page 10. Drone Showcase at Avalon Airshow 2019. Doubled in size from 2017!

Page 13. New Zealand News. Final Report. Loss of pilot Steve Askin in AS350.

Page 14. Notice Board. We are now able to accept commercial advertising.

Page 15. Australian Pilot Training Alliance – a solution for small helicopter schools?

Page 17. Coming Events – Aviation Leadership Conference 2018 in NZ and others.

Page 19. Humour – Relaxing around the campfire. Anger Management and Caller ID.