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The GOP Primary season is almost over, but we can’t stop now!

We’re in our final stretch of the primary election season — our best chance to reshape the Republican Party into a powerhouse for the Tea Party movement. Throughout this year, the help of Patriots like you, have allowed us to put forth and nominate several strong conservative candidates who will hold the D.C. establishment to account.

  • And we aren’t done yet!

Unfortunately, our conservative champions like Kevin Nicholson have been the target of vicious, establishment attack ads. . . So, we need patriots LIKE YOU to step up now and help them over the finish line by giving $50, $30, $15, or whatever you can afford! Your immediate donation will help us push back against last minute RINO attacks!

In just DAYS the primaries will be over, and we will have our Republican nominees for the General Election in November. Conservatives are counting on Tea Party patriots like us to make the difference, right now.

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund