News from Westfield Technology Group


Following on from the UK’s first commercial Driverless vehicle contract between Westfield Technology Group (WTG) and North Gyeongsang Province, the largest local government of South Korea, delegates from North Gyeongsang have visited LDNP, WMG, Ordnance Survey and Westfield at the Cenex-LCV2018 event to look at further collaboration.

We are now pleased to announce that WTG and OnCar are to co-design and build a 12-14-seater POD for use in higher density areas and to complement the existing 4-6-seater POD. This will allow customers and operators to choose between vehicles when providing a world class service to users.

WTG and OnCar have been, for the last month, undertaking training to operate, service and maintain the POD’s for the South Korean market.

Westfield’s CEO Julian Turner is delighted with this partnership and says: “we’re very excited to strengthen the relationship with South Korea. This work will help to decrease the development time for the POD. Countries such as South Korea love British technology and this partnership supports this expanding market”