New reports on cybersecurity

Two new reportsfrom eSentire and Proofpoint show that that as online threats remain an issue, user security leaves much to be desired. The mismatch between the danger of cyberthreats and lack of user readiness could leave individuals or businesses at risk of serious losses to data or property. Having good security practices, such as keeping systems updated, using a variety of passwords, keeping WiFi networks secure, and running antivirus software can help ameliorate the risks.

Commenting on this, Corin Imai, senior product manager at DomainTools said:

“This comes as no surprise to anyone interested in cybersecurity. We’ve become increasingly reliant on cyberspace for our social, economic and professional lives in recent years, so it’s only natural that cybercriminals are stepping up their game. What is needed is a critical rethink of how we teach people about cybersecurity; educational initiatives regarding good password hygiene, spotting phishing emails and the tell-tale signs of malware should be embedded in IT and computing lessons from school age onwards, and companies should regularly audit their own cyber-practices, reminding their employees of the potential dangers of cybercrime to both the organisation and the individual.”