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News from the FIRE Project. A journal digest of news posted to FIRE Project News Portals

We have re-opened FIRE News to public access after a period of engineering work in preparation for the new FIRE Portals presentations.

When the period of major engineering work completes, we will provide two news journal portals and there may be a number of additional news journals added in the future. The objective is to provide portals where readers can set up RSS feeds and receive news in synopsis form with links to the full stories on other FIRE Project portals.

I am reluctant to set a hard date for the completion of this work because, as many readers will know, we have been staffed by volunteers, scattered across time zones, since the FIRE Project started work in building a free to read public access news and information resource in 1989. We do have a target date and work has been progressing very well but, as readers will appreciate, volunteers are donating their private time and the day job, or family commitments, can suddenly restrict available volunteer hours

BTW our Thirtieth Anniversary is on Tuesday August 20 2019 at 14:00 hrs PST. Its been great fun over the last three decades and we have been able to pioneer new functionality and technology in the process

The purpose of this message is to let readers know that they can set up RSS feeds now to receive FIRE News without interruption of service.

Going forward, we will be opening new public access portals and news journal synopsis portals. We will also be moving some portals to new servers and adding functionality to most, or all, of our FIRE Project public access portals. This should provide improvements in response times to cater for our growing readership and increasing traffic levels.

Our objective remains to provide free to read news and information material from primary sources, and research by our editorial team in response to reader demand and support.

We take this opportunity to thank all our readers for their patience and particularly those who have sent us emails in relation to the current engineering work…..

Happy FIRE Project reading

.Fire Project Managing Editor




News from the FIRE Project. A journal digest of news posted to FIRE Project News Portals