Moller International/Freedom Motors August 2019 Newsletter


  • The SEC had temporarily stopped Moller International (MI) stock from being traded on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB). This is because MI’s accountant was unable to file quarterly or annual reports since September 2015, due to MI’s dormant state. MI primary address was also not updated since we moved to our new facility, even though we have promptly alerted SEC. Finally, when we did receive the letter due to the good deed of the current occupants of MI’s previous location, we sprung into action and rectified the first issue we have with the state of California. We also ensured MI is represented by legal counsel who continue to engage with SEC. Now the MI stock is trading again.  As we know actions speak louder than words, we wanted to reach out to you through this newsletter to let you know MI is making every effort possible to keep from being delisted.