Western Circuit – AY Race Report 1

22nd SMU-RM Western Circuit Sailing Regatta 2019

Goto SMU-RM Western Circuit

AY Race Report 1

Great start to 22nd Western Circuit…
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
August 17th 2019, Raffles Marina, Singapore: Although an overcast sky, was followed by a heavy downpour in the morning, it left behind a gusty 12 to 16 knot Southerly breeze, which turned into sunny, hazy conditions for the rest of the day. This allowed the Race Officers on 4 courses, to run multiple races and get the 22nd edition off to a flying start from Day 1. At the skippers briefing, PRO Jerry Rollin issued some Special Instructions and course alterations, in case the forecast breeze came across the Western Johor Strait and paved the way for smoother operations on the water. All the skippers and crew in 14 classes, were keen to get going and put an end to all the speculation. Check out the AY Photo Gallery