Boeing Proposes ‘Fewest Steps to the Moon’ for NASA’s Human Lander

Nov 5, 2019

Boeing’s Human Lander System heads into orbit on the strength of a Space Launch System rocket in this artist concept. The mission architecture calls for sending the integrated lander into orbit where it will rendezvous with astronauts aboard Orion or the Gateway before taking the crew to the lunar surface. (Boeing photo)

Nov 5, 2019

Following exploration of the lunar surface by astronauts, the crew lifts off from the moon inside the Ascent Element in this artist concept. The Descent Element remains on the moon having already performed its role of flying the crew from lunar orbit to the surface. (Boeing photo)

Simplified approach increases opportunities for success by 2024

HOUSTON, Nov. 5, 2019 — Boeing [NYSE: BA] today submitted a proposal to NASA for an integrated Human Lander System (HLS) designed to safely take astronauts to the surface of the moon and return them to lunar orbit as part of the Artemis space exploration program.