Twenty years of X-ray astronomy with XMM-Newton

ESA satellite built by Airbus delivers sensational research results on exploding stars, black holes and galaxy clusters

Friedrichshafen, 09 December 2019 РOne of the most successful European space missions is celebrating its birthday: the XMM-Newton X-ray observatory developed and built by Airbus for the European Space Agency (ESA) lifted off at 3.32 pm CET on 10 December 1999 to explore the wonders of the X-ray universe. Since its launch, XMM-Newton has simultaneously collected X-rays, visible and ultraviolet light and demonstrated its role as one of the most important astronomical observatories of all time. It has detected more X-ray sources than any previous satellite and is helping solve many cosmic mysteries, from what happens in and around black holes to the formation of galaxies in the early universe.