1.30.20 Midday Update: Anti-Impeachment Coalition

Attached are the updated documents with all of the thorough and full details.

The information included in the body of this email are hashtags, messaging, retweet President Trump’s own words, other tweets to retweet, and the call to action (includes a sample call script).

There is also a section at the bottom giving you some tips on how best to use the information contained in the attached documents.






Must-have messaging for fighting impeachment – please read!

This information was sent out to the people who have signed up to receive Trump Defense Team emails, but it is so important that we wanted to make sure that everyone on our list has it. Please see below for the hashtags and top talking points that you should be using this week as you post on social media, call Senators, write letters to the editor, email or speak with friends, and so on.


Thank you for all you do!




SEAKB updates and HLPSOE publications

Welcome to the first of PEMSEA’s 2020 e-updates. We would like to open the year by sharing information about our SEA Knowledge Bank (SEAKB), which had its contents and features expanded in 2019. The High Level Panel for the Sustainable Ocean Economy has released the first two of its Blue Paper Reports, The future of food from the sea and The expected impacts of climate change on the ocean economy. The climate change paper is timely, given the past 10 years were the hottest in history.