The Fight Is Not Over!

We hope you had a lovely Christmas – and our best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year, looking forward to Brexit. We have been busy moving offices, and we are back and ready to continue the fight to get the best deal for the United Kingdom by the end of December this year. Unlike some Brexit campaigns, Get Britain Out is not going anywhere. The fight for Brexit does not end at 11pm on January 31st – if anything this is when the real fight begins. Being out of the EU means nothing if the UK ends up tied into a bad trade deal, one which ties us into EU regulations and organisations such as the Common Fisheries Policy, for decades to come. Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has said he does not want these things, however, as we all disappointingly know well, Theresa May made all sorts of promises when she first became PM and look what happened to those! It’s time for Boris to prove our fears wrong!