Mossies Bite!

 Mossie’s Bite! 

The Latest Journal from The People’s Mosquito – Issue 13 has bitten!
This week the latest edition of ‘Mossie Bites’ the journal for TPM Club Members was issued. The latest edition has grown to 46 pages, containing a summary of the moulds under construction, 23 Squadron operations and also a great feature on F/Lt. George Kelsey (above), describing his experiences using airborne interception (radar) in Mosquito night-fighters to a switch into intruder operations with the FB.VI variant. Plus other stories and features. 


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We deserve fair Elections

Interesting that Republicans are now receiving contributions to their legal fund from outraged Democrats who want their Party back from the Marxists and are not prepared to support the criminal Democrats who are attempting to steal the election………………..BSDEd

As soon as the Radical Left began using the coronavirus as an excuse to change Election laws, we have been preparing to fight so that YOU could have a FAIR and TRANSPARENT Election.

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Candidate Applications now open for Local Elections, London, Police & Crime Commissioner, Scotland and Wales.

At the start of this most recent national lockdown, we wrote to tell you about our application to the Electoral Commission for consent to change the name of our party from The Brexit Party to Reform UK. In that same email, we invited you to register your details, if you were interested in standing for Reform UK in elections next May.

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