Boeing Launches New Organization to Unleash the Power of Advanced Computing and Networks in Aerospace

New Disruptive Computing & Networks organization will operate as part of Boeing Engineering, Test & Technology

Charles Toups to lead new organization

Naveed Hussain to become new leader of Boeing Research & Technology

CHICAGO, Oct. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Boeing [NYSE: BA] today announced a new Disruptive Computing and Networks (DC&N) organization to develop computing and communications solutions for advanced commercial and government aerospace applications.

CA responds to decision from the Court of Justice of the European Union over Red Diesel

A decision from the Court of Justice of the European Union could end the use of red diesel for private pleasure craft in the UK

At the moment almost all diesel sold in British marinas is red diesel, taxed either at a lower rate if some of the fuel is used for heating the boat, or at 100% for the fuel that is used only for propulsion by the engine. In a case launched last year, the EU has argued that the UK should not allow red diesel to be used in this way.

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NCSC predict ‘life threatening’ cyberattack is in little doubt

There is “little doubt” a major life-threatening cyberattack on the UK will take place in the near future, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has warned. In its second annual review, published on Tuesday, the NCSC revealed it has handled more than 10 attacks a week in the last two years – the majority of which it traced back to “nation states in some way hostile to the UK”.

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Identifying barriers to cutting emissions through just-in-time operations as intersessional working group meets

16/10/2018​Reducing the amount of time ships spend waiting outside port and at anchor could significantly reduce ship emissions, according to studies carried out by members of the IMO GloMEEP Global Industry Alliance (GIA). Ships can spend hours or days waiting at anchor outside ports, but providing ships with regular updates about the availability of berths, especially in the last twelve hours prior to port arrival, can support significant reductions in ship and port emissions.

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Munich Airport announces partnership with “Too Good To Go”

Reducing waste by saving tasty food

Avoiding food waste and saving money – while promoting sustainability: Allresto, the Munich Airport subsidiary responsible for most of the airport’s food and beverage operations, has launched a pilot project to test a new app: “Too Good To Go”. This digital platform lets airport visitors, passengers and employees order surplus food prepared by restaurants and other food service establishments at special reduced prices for pick-up between 8:00 and 9:30 pm. The first restaurant at Munich Airport to join the pilot project is Surf & Turf (photo) in the Munich Airport Center (MAC).

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