Protect the filibuster today! Stop Democrats from court packing.


Democrats in Congress are really going for it. It’s not just the crazy policy they want to pass –  the Green New Deal, mass amnesty, reparations, etc. What’s worse than the policy is how they are trying to utterly transform the entire American system of governance through the following legislation that they have already introduced or are in the process of doing so:

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one more step towards destroying America

As Democrats cower behind the ‘Great Wall of Washington’ in Moscow West, they still hope to provoke civil war…………BSDEd.

with the Radical Left in control in Washington, they’ve taken their agenda to the extreme.

They want to ignore American tradition, destroy our Constitution, and politicize every institution we have.

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Fredo Cuomo Denounces Vaccinated Ted Cruz for Not Wearing a Mask

As vaccinations rise significantly and Wuhan-19 cases fall, the Lords of Lockdown are trying to move the goal posts by implying that vaccines are useless, in an attempt to retain dictatorial rule…..BSDEd.

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