‘Respect the water – A safety warning for holidaymakers visiting the Broads National Park’

1) Boats stuck under a bridge © Broads Authority

2) Boats on the River © Thurne Julian Claxton

Oulton Broad

3) Tourists at Broads riverside © Julian Claxton

4) Shooting the Bridge @SQIL & Richard Johnstone-Bryden


For free download post posters, please click on the links below

1) Drinking Safety poster A4

2) Broads safety messages poster A4

The campaign targets tourists headed to the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads on holiday, aiming to raise awareness of how to keep themselves and their family safe on the water.

It is aimed at the large numbers of visitors from North London, Essex, Colchester, Cambridge, Peterborough, Nottingham, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Leicester and Manchester, who have already booked their holiday on the Broads this season.

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