Justice Clarence Thomas’ Long Career Has Had a Profound Impact on Our Liberty


October 25 2021

Good morning from Washington, where for 30 years now, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has made the case for taking the Constitution at its word. Freedom has been the beneficiary, Heritage Foundation scholar Tom Jipping writes. President Biden is flinging open the border, a man who was in charge there tells our Fred Lucas. On the podcast, former White House press secretary Sean Spicer describes the Biden-Harris administration’s radical direction. Plus: a looming threat to working families; China’s disquieting missile test; and the Europeanizing of America. Fifty years ago today, the United Nations votes to seat Communist China as a permanent member and to expel Taiwan.

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The future…

Our children are the future of America. We need to make sure they are getting a solid education in a safe environment. But radical liberals in Virginia are turning our schools into their own Far-Left social experiment, and Terry McAuliffe is telling parents they shouldn’t be involved in their kids’ education.

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