New Book – Tyneside Scottish – Northumberland Fusiliers


Tyneside Scottish - Northumberland Fusiliers - 20th, 21st & 23rd (Service) Battalions
Published: September 2014
Although called the Tyneside Scottish, very few of the men who made up this Brigade were of Scottish descent. Many came from local villages or were from the Northumberland pits. They saw action at the Battle of the Somme and after it were allowed to put tartan behind their cap badges because of their bravery. As featured in The Shields Gazette.

New Book – The Battle Book of Ypres


The Battle Book of Ypres - A Reference to Military Operations in the Ypres Salient 1914-18
by Beatrix Brice
Published: September 2014
Of the many hard-fought battles on the Western Front, Ypres stands out as an example of almost inhuman endeavour. For four long years it was the focal point of desperate fighting.

Officially there were four main battles in 1914, 1915, 1917 and 1918; these were more accurately peaks in a continuing struggle, for Ypres symbolised Belgian defiance, and the British continued to expend disproportionate resources on defending it. It never fell, although the Germans came close to its gates, and indeed its loss would have been a severe blow to morale. The Battle Book of Ypres, originally published in 1927 and now presented again as a special Centenary Edition, comprises a chronological account of the fighting in the Ypres Salient during the First World War, followed by a useful and unique alphabetical reference to the events in and around each hamlet, village or wood – names familiar to those who fought or followed the course of war all those years ago, names now once again lost in insignificance. The names given to each stage of the struggle by the Battle Nomenclature Committee are listed in the appendix. Also included is an index of formations and units, an annotated bibliography and a new Foreword by military historian Nigel Cave.

The Great War will always be synonymous with trench warfare and the mass slaughter inflicted by machine guns on the helpless but gallant infantry. There is a good reason for this view as the machine guns took a terrible toll, and the infantry's experiences continue to fascinate and appal people today. But one aspect of the fighting that gets insufficient attention is the artillery. Histories of the major battles often reduce the role of the big guns to a few paragraphs, and this has created a seriously distorted impression of the reality of the fighting. A better balance needs to be struck, and that is the intention of John Hutton's new book on the gunners of 1914. He tells the story of the war as the gunners themselves saw it, focusing on the first few months of warfare which were fundamental to the conduct of the campaign. The gunners may not have always shared the trench
experiences of the infantry in the front line, but they were in the thick of the action, and success or failure depended on them. The personal testimonies of those who served with and supported the guns provide a vital insight into the colossal tragedy and drama of the war from the artilleryman's point of view.

New Book – Rise of the Tank


Rise of the Tank - Armoured Vehicles and their use in the First World War
by Michael Foley
Published: September 2014
The tank played a hugely successful part in the Allied war effort during the First World War. It is a mystery, then, why the development of the weapon took so long and was resisted so fiercely by a number of key men and government departments.

The idea of an armoured vehicle was far from new by the outbreak of war in August 1914. As early as the fifteenth century Leonardo da Vinci imagined wheeled vehicles equipped with canons. In 1903 H.G. Wells described his version of the tank to be armourplated, have internal power and be able to cross trenches; characteristics that were remarkably similar to the tanks that trundled onto the Somme battlefields thirteen years later. In this book the author analyses key questions surrounding the tank including why senior army personnel were so opposed to its development and content to continue to send wave after wave of unprotected men into the mouths of German machine guns. We also learn more about Lord Kitchener and his scepticism of the tank, which led to the weapon being developed by the Royal Navy under the watchful eye of Winston Churchill. Was Kitchener's death in June 1916 a major component behind the tank finally being used in a combat situation? The author then explores the enemy feeling towards the tank and evaluates why the German high command had little use for it. By the end of the war the Germans had produced only twenty of their own. Did this contribute to an ultimate Allied victory? These and many other questions are answered in Rise of the Tank. Split into four chapters that deal with the idea and development, the tank in action and the men who operated them, and illustrated with more than 100 original images, the book should appeal to First World War and military vehicle enthusiasts alike.

New Book – Retrat of I Corps 1914


Retreat of I Corps 1914
by Jerry Murland
Published: October 2014
On 23 August 1914 it was only the two divisions of General Smith-Dorrien's II Corps that were directly engaged with the German First Army along the line of the Mons-Conde Canal.

As the British Expeditionary Force withdrew from Mons and bivouacked around Bavay on 25 August, Sir John French and his GHQ advisors – unsure of the condition of the routes through the Forêt de Mormal - ordered the British Expeditionary Force to continue their retirement the next day and to avoid the 35 square miles of forest roads. Consequently II Corps used the roads to the west of the Forêt de Mormal and Sir Douglas Haig's I Corps those to the east – with the intention that the four divisions should meet again at Le Cateau. It was an intention that was ambushed by circumstance as I Corps encountered units of the German 7th Division at Landrecies on 25/26 August. Unsure of the weight of the German attack at Landrecies, Douglas Haig hurriedly left for Grand Fayt and ordered his two divisions to immediately begin their retirement along a route that would take them west of Le Cateau. It was this decision that kept the by now five divisions of the BEF apart until 1 September and is the subject of this book. I Corps was now coming under attack from the German Second Army and the resulting rearguard actions that Haig's men were involved in are covered in this volume:
Landrecies 4 Guards Brigade
Grand Fayt 2 Connaught Rangers
Maroilles 1 Royal Berkshires
Etreux 2 Royal Munster Fusiliers
Cerizy 5 Cavalry Brigade
Villers-Cotterêts 4 Guards Brigade
The account concludes on the Marne.

New Book – A Wood Called Bourlon


A Wood Called Bourlon - The Cover-Up after Cambrai, 1917
by William Moore
Published: September 2014
After the great victory in the famous tank battle at Cambrai in 1917 the church bells, having been silent for three years, rang out joyously all over Britain. But within ten days triumph had turned to disaster.

How did this happen and why? William Moore, a distinguished First World War historian, attempts to explain what went wrong. All the advantages gained were thrown away; thousands of British troops were captured and hundreds of guns were lost. Mr Moore has studied the evidence (much of it previously unpublished) contained in the inevitable enquiry that followed the disaster and he seeks to answer a number of questions. Was Field-Marshal Haig really as dour as he has been portrayed or was he a reckless gambler and was General Byng, whose troops and guns were captured, really a brilliant planner or a haughty aristocrat dedicated to proving that cavalry still had a place on the battlefield? Any why were they both obsessed with capturing Bourlon Ridge on which stood the sinister Bourlon Wood? A Highland Division, a Welsh Brigade, a Yorkshire Division (twice), the Guards, Ulstermen, Lancashiremen, Londoners and Midlanders - all were drawn into the maelstrom in an attempt to consolidate the Cambrai victory. They failed. It was left to the Canadians to carry the Bourlon position in one of the finest feats of arms of the Great War.
The British were always reputed to take a perverse interest in their own military blunders. This strange episode is one that most people have been happy to forget. All those involved in high places sought to make excuses: some indulged in a profound exercise of duplicity implying that the soldiers alone were to blame. Mr Moore's book throws new light on a dark episode in British Military History.

China Cup – AY Pre-Regatta Report

China Cup International Regatta 2014 Goto China Cup website AY Pre-Regatta Report

8th China Cup ready to blast off... By AY MultiMedia - CCIR Media - Sailing Intelligence 22nd October: After successfully delivering a keynote AsianYachting Grand Prix (AYGP) presentation at the 5th Asia Sailing Culture Development Forum and generating International media coverage for the China Cup last year, its no surprise then, that they have invited AY back especially to cover the forum, and work with other media to promote the racing side of the regatta to an International audience. This time we want to get down to the nitty gritty and find out how the Chinese go about organising sailing events and if the present growth of the pleasure boat industry can be sustained.

The theme of this years Forum is: China Embraces the World's backed up with an International cast of guest speakers including Bao Jilai the Vice Director of Policies and Regulations of Maritime Safety Administration of the People’s Republic of China, Jean-Pierre Champion President of French Sailing Federation, David Zhong Deputy Secretary-General of Organizing Committee of China Cup International Regatta, lorenz Walch ISAF Constitution Committee Member, Atalia Chubenko Member of the Racing Rules and Appeal Committee of the Russian Yachting Federation, Maarten Voogd Designer/co-owner of Simonis Voogd Design Company and Allen leng Executive vice-chairman of Guangdong Yacht Industry Association. Quite a formidable line-up and will be interesting to see how they go about getting their message over and how it goes down with the assembled audience.

Meanwhile on the racing side of the regatta, we will be joining Andy Rice from and world renown sailing photographer Carlo Borlenghi and his Studio team, to bring comprehensive China Cup news (on and off the water) coverage each day.

Olympic medallists & offshore legends in hot international fleet By CCIR Media - Sailing Intelligence Some of the world’s most famous and accomplished sailors are getting ready for the start of the 8th edition of the China Cup International Regatta. The four-day regatta starts with a passage race from Hong Kong on 24 October, and concludes on 27 October after three days of short-course racing on Shenzhen's Daya Bay in China.

With 108 boats representing more than 30 different regions and nations, entered across five racing divisions, the international fleet sees everyone from virtual beginners to Olympic Champions racing alongside each other. The Beneteau 40.7 fleet is always the most hotly contested. Last year the 470 Olympic Champion helmsman from Beijing 2008, Australia’s Nathan Wilmot, came to do battle in this hot, one-design fleet. This year his former 470 team mate, double Olympic Champion Malcolm Page is sailing on the crew of Vatti Sailing, a perennial high performer at this regatta, with an all-star crew skippered by Jono Rankine. Last year’s winning boat, Vanke Longcheer, will be among the frontrunner's in the 40.7s, along with Beijing Sailing Center skippered by Great Britain’s Rick Pointon, who won this division in 2011. Other big names include Corentin Horeau who at 23-years-old is recognised as one of France’s up and coming offshore talents, and Mikhail Ermakov, vice president of the Russian Sailing Federation. Dongfeng Race Team is one of the teams competing in the Volvo Ocean Race that departed Spain a couple weeks ago. Dongfeng is also represented at the China Cup, with yacht designer Daniel Andrieu skippering his crew in a Jeanneau Sun Fast 3600. The crew will consist of reserve team members from the Volvo Ocean Race crew, and taking part in the China Cup will help keep them match fit for when they are called up to compete on legs of the round-the-world race. Also on the Dongfeng crew is Australian round-the-world veteran Nick Moloney. In the Beneteau 40.7 one design class are Aussie's on Squadron Marine from Western Australia, are a team consisting of seasoned Australian champions with extensive history in monohull racing. The team all race together in Perth and have a minimum of 20 years' experience. Every crew member owns a Beneteau and compete regularly on the Swan River and West Australian offshore circuit. For the local crews, racing against such top-notch international competition offers a great opportunity to advance their own skills as the sport of sailing continues to grow meteorically in China. Many overseas teams have already raced at the China Cup multiple times, always attracted back by the warm weather in late October combined with good, close racing and affordable entry and charter fees. Aside from the Beneteau 40.7 division, the two other hotly-contested one-design fleets are ten SOTO 27's and a new addition of 16 x Fareast 28R yachts. Onboard Bull Fish in the new Fareast 28R class, is a group of friends from ltaly & China, all long timers in Asia have both in-shore and off-shore sailing experience. They are passionate sailors with many years racing experience, after starting on Optimist dinghy and nowadays range from day-racing to ocean-racing. In the two handicap divisions. there are 33 yachts to be divided into IRC classes and an assortment of 23 yachts in the HKPN class. Last year HKPN Division 1 was dominated by Tiger Zeng’s TT with a string of race victories, and he’s back to see if he can repeat that performance this year. The biggest boat in the IRC fleet is the Swan 82S Team Ubox skippered by Wang Lei, although the team will face tough competition from the highly optimised Reichel-Pugh 75, Jelik III, skippered by famous Hong Kong sailor Frank Pong. On 24th October, these two Maxis will be expected to be among the front runners in the opening Simpson Passage Race from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, where the regatta will be based for the remaining three days of inshore racing in spectacular Shenzhen Daya Bay. This year China Cup "veteran" Olivier Decamps comes back in IRC Class with an old (1998) but still very competitive Farr 40 OD modified yacht. She was raced very extensively in the Farr 40 One Design Class and was World Champion in 2000, 2004 and 2010. Since she arrived in Hong Kong she was modified for IRC racing. Major crew include Ken Wiltshire: who also has sailed in every China Cup since 2007 and has extensive offshore and inshore racing experience on all sizes of yachts. It is the 4th time for Yomovo to participate in China Cup. Their debut was at the 5th China Cup. Since then, they have become big fans for sailing. This time, there’ll be two teams participating in China Cup. One is Team YOMOVO, participating on SOTO 27 One Design Class. While another is Yomovo Serenity Coast Lady Team, who will join in IRC Class onboard TEN, which was sailed from Dalian cross Weihai, Nantong, Zhoushan, Xiamen to eventually Shenzhen. Also, there will be three members of YOMOVO racing in One Design Class Beneteau 40.7 onboard Lingshui. They hope to make friends through the sport of sailing, and to learn from various sailing teams through the China Cup. * The China Cup International Regatta 2014 takes place on 24th to 27th October 2014 in the waters of Shenzhen and Hong Kong. As of mid-October, there are 108 entries representing more than 30 countries and regions including: Australia, Canada, China, Chinese Taipei, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, USA. China Cup International Regatta is approved by the General Administration of Sport of China, and co-sponsored by Water Sports Administration Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, as well as the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sport and Tourism. It is the largest China-initiated international sailing regatta, and the biggest First 40.7 regatta in the Asian-Pacific region. China Cup International Regatta was awarded 'Asian Regatta of the year 2012' at Asian Marine and Boating Awards, and by brand value is recognised as one of the top 10 sporting events in China. More news, entry list and photos posted on China Cup website and also on Facebook Photo Credit to Studio Borlenghi / Stefano Gattini / AsianYachting / CCIR Media Goto China Cup - AY Photo Gallery 2013 and past Race Reports: 2011 - 2013

All the 2014-15 AY News, Views and Race Reports can be accessed Here...


Join us to celebrate a new Open Standard

Announcing the Open Standard
Hello Firefox & You readers,
This month, we’re hunkered down working on a new look for the Firefox & You newsletter, and we’re getting fired up for the 10th anniversary of Firefox. Can you believe it’s been a decade since version 1.0 burst on the scene? More on that next month.
In the meantime, we have some exciting Mozilla news to share:
Announcing The Open Standard Privacy, transparency and trust are hot topics everywhere you turn, but no one has been keeping tabs on all the ways they touch your life. Until now. Check out the just-launched online news source from Mozilla, The Open Standard, to read about all things open.
Tell us what YOU think about openness. Share your thoughts and tag your tweets with #EmbraceOpen.

Get Involved
Our code is open, and so is our door Mozillians around the world — coders, organizers, activists and creators — help shape the open Web with everything they do. Want to help keep the Web free and open? We’ve reserved a spot just for you. Come on in!

Open minds gather at MozFest This weekend, a crowd of passionate people will gather in London for MozFest 2014 to explore the Web, learn together and make things that can change the world. If you can't make it in person, join the Twitter conversation during the event.

Thank you for being part of the amazing Firefox community. With you on our side, we can shape the future of the Web and preserve it for the public good for many years to come. Jessilyn & M.J. Editors P.S: Have you seen the beautiful new Mozilla homepage? Take a sec to check it out!

Mesinger Jet Sales presents 4 Brand New Aircraft Opportunities

JetCraft Corporation
Why Wait, When You Can Have One Now? Mesinger Jet Sales is proud to exclusively represent the following aircraft for immediate sale.
aircraft 2014 Gulfstream G650 S/N: 6076  |  Reg: N650JH • Delivered September 25, 2014 • Full Factory Warranty • Forward Galley, Forward & Aft Lavatories • 4 Seating Sections, 17 PAX Configuration • Predictive Windshear • Aircraft Health Monitoring • SWIFT Broadband • Synthetic Vision, HUD II & EVS Asking Price: $75,000,000
Contact Seller  
aircraft 2014 Global 6000 S/N: 9583  |  Reg: N116SF • Delivered August 25, 2014 • Full Factory Warranty • Ferry Time Only • XM Weather • CNX Data Acceleration • 2 Ch. SWIFT Broadband High Speed Data • Crew Rest Area, Forward Galley Asking Price: $52,750,000
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aircraft 2014 Challenger 350 S/N: 20515  |  Reg: N1987 • Delivered September 26, 2014 • Ferry Time Only • Full Factory Warranty • Datalink CPDLC & Iridium interface • Required Navigation Performance 0.3nm • Air to Ground Connectivity Solution • Smart Runway and Smart Landing • Identical a/c S/N 20549 delivering 04.30.15 Asking Price: Please Call
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aircraft 2014 Embraer Legacy 500 S/N: 12 • Anticipated '14 Airworthiness & Q4 Delivery • Full Factory Warranty • Spec’d with over $1.3M in Options • ADS-B Out & TCAS II Version 7.1 • 9 Passenger Interior w/ 3 Place Divan • Enhanced Cabin Management System Asking Price: $18,500,000 + Options + Escalators
Contact Seller

Call now for more information. We look forward to seeing you at NBAA, feel free to give us a call on our cell phones.

» Jay Mesinger - 303.588.5728 » Josh Mesinger - 303.588.0758 » Adam Mesinger - 213.926.1954
PROUD SPONSORS OF THE NBAA 2014'S CAN SOIRÉE Brokerage & Acquisitions Call: +1 (303) 444 6766 Email:
Contact Seller

Newsbytes – Tuesday 21st October 2014

Vulcan XH558 - The Spirit of Great Britain
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2014 Gauge close to securing 2014 season shortfall
2014 Gauge close to securing 2014 season shortfall
Thank you once again for the tremendous support that has seen the 2014 Season Funding Gauge reach 98% of its target. We are happy that the next week will see the target being met, so we can move on afresh, through the winter period and onwards towards the 2015 season. 2014 gauge However, ongoing fundraising never stops for XH558. Our overheads continue and we hope to turn the run-up to Christmas into a great opportunity of raising valuable funds, while offering our supporters unique and innovative ways of receiving something in return. Our CHRISTMAS STORE will open on Tuesday 4th November with a postal mailing due out just after that. Look out for some really exciting merchandise and gift ideas, limited edition releases and some simply stunning artworks that will be ideal for the Vulcan lover in your household.
Or, you might just like to treat yourself?
Operation 2015 Wall of Honour – now in production
Operation 2015 On Friday, we will be able to bring you the first artwork visual from a production file that has been created to honour those who donated to the last pledge appeal – Operation 2015. This is now in production and will be available for viewing in the hangar from later next month, remaining with the aircraft. May we once again thank everyone who supported this campaign? It ensured the wing modifications were embodied on XH558 that gave us the flying life extension.
Pledges will be called soon – please wait for more news early next week
We are busy preparing the systems needed to capture all your donations as you redeem a pledge. PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN YOUR PAYMENT YET We need to ensure that every pledge and covering payment is recorded and that the related rewards are dispatched in due time. We will give more details in next tuesday's newsletter THERE IS STILL TIME TO PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT – WOULD YOU LIKE TO? MAKE A PLEDGE NOW
The Vulcan Experience – gaining in popularity
Trip Advisor winner Don’t take out word for it, this is the result of feedback the hangar and whole Vulcan Experience has been getting on Trip Advisor, the respected travel website that collates feedback from visitors and ranks destinations in order. Right now, these are the interesting facts:
  • No. 1 attraction in Doncaster out of 56
  • No. 1 Museum in Yorkshire out of 124 (yes, we are not really a Museum as such!)
  • No. 5 Attraction under 'things to do in Yorkshire'
Many congratulations to the hangar team at Doncaster and of course, special mention to all our volunteers who receive superb reports on the range of knowledge they have when presenting the guided tours. Well done one and all. Have you been to the hangar yet?
Added tours now online
Hangar tours We are looking at adding more dates to meet demand this side of Christmas, so please do keep checking our booking website for the latest availability.
New tours have been released for Wednesdays in November, with places available on the 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th.
Yes, it’s mid-week, but why not consider a special day off work and bring along someone who knows nothing about XH558? Maybe a work colleague or relative. It’s one way of getting more people engaged and interested in XH558, while also enjoying a really special day out. Why not organise a small party from your workplace? There are lots of tours available from just £12 per adult.
We have now also added dates for January 2015 CLICK HERE FOR AVAILABLE TOURS
XH558 in chocolate birthday cake surprise!
Our thanks to Paul Stickney from York, who wrote in recently to tell us about his son Ben’s 4th birthday cake and how Ben thought we might like to see it. Of course we would Ben, and only wish we could at least taste it too! Many thanks for thinking of XH558 and we all hope you had a wonderful birthday party. Ben and his Vulcan cake My son Ben was 4 yesterday and had a party with friends, we are both very big fans of 558 and I am fortunate enough to always be on the runway at Elvington whenever she calls in during transit or training flights. Because of this, it only seemed fair to get him a cake with a difference this year, yep you guessed it, it’s XH558.... but in chocolate ganache form! Is there any way possible that you could make his day and just add a small bit about it in your weekly emails, maybe titled one of your youngest fans??. Ben knows that I get the twice weekly emails and yesterday said could it go on that letter (as he calls it) that the Vulcan sends me because he thinks that it would like the cake. The cake itself is roughly 12 inches square, and is a full chocolate ganache cake, everything you see in the picture is edible, including the clouds. The cake was made by a friend of ours called Sarah Davies of Full Sutton, Nr York - she runs her own little company making cakes. Happy Birthday Ben Stickney! If you could, you would make a 4 year old very happy, and myself really proud!! Well, let’s put his name up in lights and all sing ‘Happy Birthday Ben’!
Select a picture - select a frame!
LAST FEW WEEKS OF AVAILABILITY FOR THESE PICTURES To clear the way for our Christmas and 2015 range, this is the final opportunity to acquire one of these photographic studies of XH558 - available in a range of frames to suit your décor. Have you been looking to acquire one of these? Now would be your final chance. They make a wonderful display in any home, study or works office
With Gold, Silver, Black, Dark, Medium and Light wood frames, there is sure to be a picture and frame to suit you. With a frame size of approx. 650mm x 450mm, these are an impressive size yet suitable for most domestic or office wall spaces. Superb images, quality mount and frame - made to order: @£99 delivered. (in 10-15 working days). 
Coming up on Friday
  • Layout of the Operation 2015 Wall of Honour.
  • Update from the hangar, with the latest on the engine management programme.
  • Another fascinating story in our Cold War series of recollections.
Vulcan Merchandise
Credit Card type Memory Stick - 8GB
Credit Card type Memory Stick - 8GB
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Vulcan 2015 Wall Calendar
2015 Wall Calendar
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A5 Folio case (with tablet pocket)
A5 Folio case (with tablet pocket)
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A4 Folio case (with tablet pocket)
A4 Folio case (with tablet pocket)
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UK-based Mobile Provider Improves MVNO Capabilities for Business Users with over $10M Investment in MDS’ Customer Management Platform


Implementation of latest MDS billing & charging solution enables creation of innovative digital services for leading UK MVNO

Warrington, UK | 22 October 2014: MDS, a leading provider of real-time charging, billing and customer management solutions, has today announced the successful implementation of the latest version of its Customer Management Platform (CMP) for a Tier 1 UK MVNO business provider, in a deal worth over $10M in contractual term commitments.

MDS’ CMP is a fully-managed real-time billing and customer management solution that provides the MVNO with enhanced charging and billing capabilities which allow it to respond rapidly to its customers’ demands for innovative new digital services. This latest version of the business support service also empowers the MVNO to take advantage of new network capabilities, supporting the massive growth in data. Thanks to CMP, the MVNO will soon be launching new and enhanced products and propositions that are attractive to its valuable business customers. New CMP features enable the creation of exciting new offers for business users, furthering innovation and improving service excellence in a dynamic and growing market.


The project required the MDS team to deliver a number of new pieces of development and carry out a significant number of complex infrastructure changes, including integration with a new network and automating the porting and migration process, within a tight timeframe. Working in partnership with the MVNO’s operational teams, MDS maintained uninterrupted service for the provider and its customers, which allowed the MVNO to continue to provide the same levels of superior support to its important business users.


The CMP implementation also gives the MVNO the opportunity to migrate a large base of business subscribers onto new services. The migration element of the project presented a unique set of challenges for MDS that included building a complete new back office whilst at the same time maintaining business as usual.


Mark Edwards, CEO at MDS said, “MDS is delighted to be awarded this major contract and to have successfully deployed its latest software with an existing Tier 1 customer. As the MVNO market has expanded, so have its requirements for business support services and this project marks an important milestone for MDS. Delivering a smooth and successful upgrade was down to a number of factors: our expertise in rapidly bringing brands to market and anticipation of the providers’ requirements as an MVNO in an extremely competitive market.”


Thanks to the significant CMP upgrade, the MVNO can better anticipate market demands and offer improved services to its core customer segment. This is all thanks to rapid time to market and a cloud-based managed service that delivers agility, scalability and flexibility for a low total cost of ownership. The CMP comprehensive billing and customer management solution supports the MVNO’s future strategy: to anticipate and adapt to customers’ demands for the latest digital services, with provision for new 4G-focused propositions and services, along with next generation converged products and services.