Constitution-loving candidates need campaign training asap

Have you heard about the “Great Reset?” You may or may not have, or maybe you’ve heard the name, but also heard it’s some sort of “conspiracy theory.”

Well, as I will show you, it is most definitely not a conspiracy theory, and the “Biden” administration is all in, which I will also show you. It’s why our country needs you to be all in, to defend America against these global tyrants.

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Cockpit Arts Summer Festival 2021

Cockpit Arts Summer Festival is back after an 18 month break. The Summer Festival will run over two weekends this June and July, and will bring together over 150 makers across 21 disciplines including textiles, ceramics, glass, wood, fine jewellery, homewares, fashion, accessories and so much more.

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The report 18/06/2021

Weekly briefing from

Commentary: The podcast – Jonathan Strachan, Director of Ship Design and Engineering, Houlder Ltd

In this week’s podcast, Houlder’s Jonathan Strachan discusses why today is a great time to be a naval architect; how ship owners and designers can future-proof their vessels; financial and other constraints on upgrading the global fleet; the limits of retrofit and what proportion of the global fleet may have to be scrapped as the new emission regulations come into force.

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