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Title LISA Pathfinder
Released 13/06/2008 10:59 am
Copyright ESA

Artist’s impression of ESA’s LISA Pathfinder and its propulsion module after separation.
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LISA Pathfinder will conduct in-flight testing of the concept of low-frequency gravitational wave detection: it will put two test masses in a near-perfect gravitational free-fall, and control and measure their motion with unprecedented accuracy. To do this it will use inertial sensors, a laser metrology system, a drag-free control system and an ultra-precise micro-propulsion system.

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Finmeccanica-AgustaWestland and Sloane Helicopters Celebrate 20 Years of Successful Partnership in UK and Ireland

AW1287 Sloane 20th anniversary

Over 70 light twin helicopters sold in UK and Ireland since 1995 thanks to a long rewarding partnership with its official distributor Sloane Helicopters
Three AW169 light-intermediate soon to be delivered to Sloane
A GrandNew set to enter service in November with the 32 Squadron RAF
The partners are committed to renewing their fruitful collaboration which marked the leadership in the executive/private transport segment in the UK and Ireland

Finmeccanica-AgustaWestland celebrates 20 years of rewarding partnership with its official distributor Sloane Helicopters in the UK and Ireland. More than 70 new light single and light twin aircraft from the AW119, AB206 and the AW109 legacy, including the Grand/GrandNew series, have been sold in UK and Ireland since 1995.

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HeliService international GmbH Signs Contract for an AW169 Helicopter

AW1288 HeliService international

Marking the entry of the new type in the North Sea offshore market and the first AW169 customer for offshore operations in Europe
Leading company HeliService international to strengthen its service capabilities with the AW169’s new generation design
Aircraft to be delivered in autumn 2016, expanding the global success of the new model
More than 150 AW169s ordered by customers around the world to date, including framework contracts and options, for a wide range of applications

Finmeccanica-AgustaWestland announced today that HeliService international GmbH has signed a contract for an AW169 light intermediate helicopter. This aircraft will be delivered by autumn 2016 through specialist aviation lessor LCI Helicopters to undertake offshore operations in the North Sea.

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Waypoint Leasing to Acquire 18 AgustaWestland Helicopters

AW1289 Waypoint

A mix of AW169, AW139 and AW189 types to be acquired with deliveries from 2016 through 2019
Leading helicopter leasing company to receive aircraft suitable for EMS, search and rescue, oil and gas and other critical missions
Strengthens global success of the AW Family of new generation helicopters delivering unprecedented levels of fleet management and operational advantages

Finmeccanica-AgustaWestland announced today that Waypoint Leasing (Ireland) Limited (“Waypoint”), the largest independent global helicopter leasing company, has agreed to acquire an additional 18 helicopters from the AW Family, including the AW169 light intermediate, AW139 intermediate and AW189 super medium twin types. The aircraft are expected to be delivered from 2016 through 2019 and will operate across a range of missions, including EMS, search and rescue, and oil and gas. Waypoint currently owns 31 AW Family aircraft in its global fleet.

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Finmeccanica-AgustaWestland First Helicopter Manufacturer to Obtain EASA Certification as Navigation Database Supplier for Helicopter Flight Management System

AW1286 FMS Nav DB EASA Certification

The sole helicopter maker with system and Navigation Database design capability
AgustaWestland demonstrates it can generate and supply Navigation Database for the Flight Management Systems of its AW169 and AW189 models
Leveraging outstanding capabilities in avionics integration and development, customisation and the unique AW Family concept
This service is set to be suitable for the AW101 in the future

Finmeccanica-AgustaWestland announced today that it has obtained a Type2 Letter of Approval from EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) as a Navigation Database Supplier for helicopter Flight Management Systems (FMS). Under this EASA Certification, AgustaWestland is recognised as capable and allowed to generate and supply Navigation Database for the Flight Management Systems of its AW169 light intermediate and the AW189 super medium twin engine helicopter types.

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Bel Air AW189 Helicopters Exceed 2000 Flight Hour Milestone

AW1285 Bel Air AW189s FH milestone

Exceptional availability and mission effectiveness by the two aircraft in service with flight hours in excess of 1200 and 1000, respectively
Bel Air operates its AW189s for long range offshore transport in the North Sea and will add a third aircraft to their fleet
An established AW139 customer, Bel Air benefits from commonalities of the AgustaWestland family of products

Finmeccanica-AgustaWestland announced today that the two AW189 super medium twin engine helicopters operated by Bel Air of Denmark have recently exceeded 2000 flight hours, with the first aircraft reaching 1200 and the second unit achieving 1000, setting a new milestone while demonstrating exceptional availability and mission effectiveness. The first helicopter had exceeded 600 flight hours in June, becoming the global fleet leader.

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] “15 Months to Save the BBC”: Dugher Lifts Burnham’s Failed NHS Spin


Brussels Broadcasting Company getting really desperate as it looks set to become accountable

“15 Months to Save the BBC”: Dugher Lifts Burnham’s Failed NHS Spin
by WikiGuido

You would have thought Labour might have learned from Andy Burnham’s tiresome “save the NHS” nonsense before the election. In 2011 Labour said there were just 72 hours to save the NHS. In 2012, they said there were only 24 hours to save it. And earlier this year, they said there were “100 days until the election, 100 days to save the NHS”. 153 days later and, shockingly, the NHS is still here…

Voters didn’t believe this transparent scaremongering, though that hasn’t stopped new Shadow Culture Secretary Michael Dugher from trying the exact same trick with the BBC. He says this morning that “We now have 15 months left to save the BBC” or else it will be “dismantled”. What’s the betting that Auntie is still here at the beginning of 2017…

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