Plastic in the Imus river and oil spill response in the Gulf of Thailand

Welcome to the second PEMSEA e-update of 2020. PEMSEA, together with people, organizations, and governments around the world, has had its operations affected by Covid-19. We encourage all readers to practice best hygiene, safety, and physical distancing measures in dealing with this pandemic. In light of the potential impacts on large groups of people, we are not including upcoming events in this newsletter. We are glad to share the progress of some of our projects, which our staff are endeavoring to continue as best as possible in a manner that ensures their safety and the safety of the communities we work with. In between newsletters, follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@PEMSEA) for the latest updates.

Archive image (in this image of a Congo river)…..BBN Ed.

ASEANO Project on reducing plastic pollution launched in Cavite, Philippines

PEMSEA and partners participated in an Inception Workshop for the Philippine sub-component of the ASEANO project, visiting sites along the Imus river and meeting with local stakeholders. ASEANO aims to develop best practices for plastic waste reduction.

Hill Dickinson lawyer appointed to Hong Kong Advisory Committee on Promotion of Arbitration

Edward Liu of Hill Dickinson Hong Kong appointed as a member of the Advisory Committee on Promotion of Arbitration 

Edward Liu, legal director with Hill Dickinson Hong Kong, has been appointed as a member of the region’s Advisory Committee on Promotion of Arbitration.

Mobile app prevents Coronavirus spread in supermarkets

Mobile app Ubamarket can reduce virus transmission with aisle sat-nav and in-app payment, removing need for queues and checkouts
Will Broome, CEO of Ubamarket, discusses the importance of convenience and hygiene amidst Coronavirus fears and discusses role of tech in retail

Retail technology company Ubamarket have developed a mobile app which could help stop the spread of Covid-19 in supermarkets by reducing time spent in-store and enabling customers to bypass the checkouts and queues.

Cobham Secures DE&S Anti-Jam Satellite Signal Contract

Research Contract To Protect Satellite Signals From Interference

 30 Mar 2020: Cobham Aerospace Connectivity announces that it has been awarded a contract by the UK MOD’s Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) to research Advanced Anti-Jam techniques for the protection of navigation signals received from the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). The contract will see Cobham conduct research to develop means to provide assured and resilient Position Navigation and Timing (PNT) information derived from the GNSS multi-constellation. Cobham was best placed to address the UK MOD’s needs through its extensive background in advanced antenna technology and sophisticated signal processing capabilities.

DJI and Rosenbauer Global Partnership Advances the Digitalization of Emergency Service Response

Emergency scenarios will be able to be dealt with quicker, more safely and more efficiently thanks to a new strategic partnership between DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, and Rosenbauer International AG, the world-leading manufacturer of fire service vehicles and firefighting equipment. From today, the two companies will work together to bring the benefits of digital emergency response management to anyone involved in being called to tackle an emergency situation. Whether used by a private company at an airport or industrial facility, or a local fire department called out to an emergency even in severe weather, an aerial perspective combined with Rosenbauer’s operation management system enables the situation to be quickly assessed and informed decisions made regarding the safest and most efficient deployment of personnel.

Birlinn Books – We’ll Bring the World to You

With volunteer hours at a premium for the FIRE Project during the pandemic, we have to post from incoming news releases but to not have time to cut and paste images where the news releases does not contain them as fully embedded images but we do make sure hyperlinks are included……Managing Ed

In these constantly changing times our thoughts are with you and your families. We hope that you are all well and safe. Here at Birlinn, our intention is to keep going safely – working from our respective homes. We will carry on with the supply of books direct to your door (within government guidelines)  and perhaps most importantly support the online sites of our friends, the booksellers.

A strong year of development for The Swedish Club

The Swedish Club announced a strong year of development to its Board yesterday, a year which saw healthy growth of free reserves and business volume increase. The Club made an operating result of USD 24.6 million supported by strong investment income. Investment alone generated a return just short of 10%. Free reserves stood at USD 228 million at the end of the accounting year.